Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. We do not share your profile data and your uploaded route data with another webpage or person. Your email address is only used as login identifier and is not used for advertisements.

When you create an account, we ask you to provide your email address and name. You can choose a nickname as name instead of the full name if you wish.

We do not transfer any personal data (position, health data, activity information) from your watch to our server during the download process of the route data. Outside the download process which is clearly shown the watch does not transfer any data to our server or any other server.

If you use the Remember me feature during the log in process, a cookie is set on your computer to save your credentials and to recognize you the next time. If you do not accept cookies please do not use the Remember me feature.

If you contact us by email or the online feedback form we collect these data and response to you via your email address.

We request individuals under 16 not provide personal data to BeFitter. If we learn that we have collected the personal data from a child under 16, we will take steps to delete the information as soon as possible.

If we do not detect any activity (login or download of a track) for more than two years on an account we will delete this account including all data.

The server is hosted in the European Union by Strato AG. The data are managed and protected according German and European laws. The server and the program (PHP, MySQL database) use state of the art techniques to prevent unauthorized access to the data.

We use external services for showing maps and the routing service. These services may have their own privacy policy, please look at their websites. In all cases theses services get only your standard internet data (IP address, used browser, language, ...) but they don't get personal data from you (e.g. your email address, name). We use the following services for maps and routing:

Website Purpose Map service Map service (OpenStreetMap with topographic information) ArcGIS satellite images OpenCycleMap and OpenOutdoorMap OpenStreetMap with MTB trails (Europe only) Hillshading for OpenStreetMap Overlays for hiking and cycling trails Routing service and location name of start point Service to extract data from OpenStreetMap to create crossroads maps Elevation service

This webpage is privately owned and managed. We do our best but we refuse any legal claims if you are not satisfied with the service. Be sure that you have the correct equipment with you if you go for an outdoor activity and have appropriate tools for orientation with you.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our privacy policy, or would like to edit or delete personal information, you may contact us by sending an email to